The Truth About How Much Freelance Writers Make

I am freelance fashion writer and I get very common asked questions: “How much I may make as a writer?”  It is very essential to obtain a sense of whether writing may yield you a bill-paying level of income or real.  Check out the 2 steps in order to finding out the answer to this question.

The 1st step is to discover survey data on what lifestyle content writers make. It provides you an idea of what’s typical, and what’s possible. The 2nd step is difficult, thus begin with data.


You cannot find lots of data out on how much lifestyle content writers earn. Now, the question is how much you can easily earn as a freelance writer?

The scale of freelance earning depends on you only. Here are few questions to ask:

  1. How bad do you want lifestyle content writing jobs?

Several writers want to set their own schedule and be their own boss. But when it comes to the time of marketing their services in order to find clients, some could not carry themselves to do it.

You require formidable self-discipline and you need to excite for gigs every time, rewrite things to suit other folks, and deal with rejection. There are several factors which play into your earning ability. For example, do you want to write about tough topics which tend to pay well, or are you willing to write from your own way? Writing difficult content is a great way to get good amount. How much you can work for clients? For example, if you don’t make a writer site, it is difficult to impress clients now a day.

Several freelance writers want to enjoy life more and more that they are out of the cubicle, instead of working hard at creating a top-earning freelance writing business. Spend extra time home-schooling the kids or mountain-climbing, it may reduce your pay.

editing-and-proofreading 2

  1. What is your target for earning?

In my own freelancing career, I found that you can earn more than you can think.

When I just started my freelance career in 2010, my dream was to replace my $40,000-a-year staff lifestyle content writing jobs. Within a few years, I achieved this dream. Now, the potential of my earning was not limited to $200,000.

After few years, I upped my marketing. I started work for national magazines and major corporations. I have written lots of articles on ongoing contracts and big projects, instead of having to prospect constantly for small gigs.

To sum up

For your freelance writing, just think big and wide your vision and it will change your career and you can earn much more than you can imagine.

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